Long School of Medicine Endowed Funds & Scholarships

(listed by Department/Division/Center/Institute):


  • Dr. William H. Hadnott Endowed Professorship
  • Dr. Somayaji Ramamurthy Professorship Fund in Pain Management
  • R. Brian Smith, M.D. Professorship in Anesthesiology

Biochemistry & Structural Biology

  • Dr. Jonathan S. Nishimura Memorial Endowment 
  • Dr. Paul Horowitz Endowment for Student Excellence 
  • Ewing Halsell President’s Council Dist. Chair 
  • John C. Lee, PhD Endowment in Biochemistry and Structural Biology 
  • Robert A. Welch Dist. Chair in Chemistry 


  • Charles C. Brown & Anna S. Brown Dist. Professorship in Cardiovascular Disease 
  • Dr. David McCall Professorship in Cardiovascular Disease 
  • Janey Briscoe Dist. University Chair in Cardiovascular Research 
  • Janey and Dolph Briscoe Dist. Chair in Cardiology Research 
  • Linda and Steven Bailey Endowment in Cardiovascular Education 
  • Beverly Hope Williams O’Hara Memorial Endowment in Cardiology Research 
  • Roland K. Blumberg Endowment for Cardiovascular Research 
  • The Freeman-Heart Association Professorship in Cardiovascular Diseases 
  • Xavier Barrera Memorial Endowment for Research Education in Cardiovascular Disease 

Cardiothoracic Surgery 

  • Barbara Melikan Lung Transplantation Endowment 
  • Calhoon President's Council Chair for Excellence in Surgery  
  • Cardiothoracic Research Professorship in Honor of Alfonso Chiscano, MD 
  • Dr. J. Kent Trinkle Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery 
  • Husain Family Educational Fund in Pediatric and Adult Cardiovascular Disease 
  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Chair in Congenital Heart Disease 

Cell Systems & Anatomy 

  • Barbara Bowman Endowment in Cellular and Structural Biology 
  • Edward G. and Ruth A. Rennels Anatomy Students Award Endowment 
  • Rennels Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies 

Cellular & Integrative Physiology 

  • Frost Bank Dist. Professorship in Biomedical Research Endowment 
  • Zachry Foundation Dist. Chair in Neurosciences 

Charles E. Cheever, Jr. Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics

  • Cheever Family Endowment
  • Doran Family Endowment for Global Health Initiatives
  • Dr. Daniel G. Duke Memorial Endowment for Music and Medicine
  • Ewing Halsell Annual Lecture Series
  • Frank Bryant, Jr., MD Endowed Memorial Dist. Lecture
  • Greehey Family Foundation Endowment for Community Service
  • Howard & Betty Halff Professorship in Medical Humanities & Ethics
  • Jerald Winakur, MD Endowment for Humanities & Ethics
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Professorship in Medical Ethics
  • Marion Primono, MD Memorial Endowment in Palliative Care
  • Marvin Forland, MD Dist. Professorship in Medical Ethics
  • Michael Markey Memorial Endowment for Medical Ethics
  • Ruth E. Berggren, M.D. Endowment for Ethics in Action
  • Salinger-Forland End Fund for the Center for Bioethics and Humanities
  • School of Medicine Class of 2011 Student Service Learning Endowment
  • Stewart and Marianne Reuter Endowed Professorship in Medical Humanities

Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery 

  • Lynda Beal-Calvin L. Day, Jr., MD Endowed Professorship in Dermatology 


  • Clifford Elder White Graham Fund for Diabetes Research 
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Dist. Chair in Diabetes 


  • J. C. & Irene H. Heyser Memorial Bone and Mineral Metabolism Professorship 

Emergency Medicine 

Family & Community Medicine 

  • Dr. and Mrs. A.D. Major Endowed Scholarship 
  • Frances Hamilton Oliver Endowed Scholarship 
  • Southeast Texas Medical Associates Scholarship in Primary Care 
  • Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holly Dist. Chair, Patient-Centered Medical Home 
  • Dr. John M. Smith, Jr. Professorship in Family Practice 
  • Dr. Leonard G. Paul Professorship in Family & Community 
  • Dr. Mario E. Ramirez Dist. Professorship in Family & Community Medicine 
  • Holly Primary Care Endowment 
  • John S. Primomo, MD Endowment in Family Practice 
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Chair in Geriatrics and Community Senior Care 
  • Wirt E. Bellue, Sr., and William Richmond Holly, Sr., Dist. Endowment Lecture Series 

Gastroenterology & Nutrition 

General & Hospital Medicine 

Geriatrics, Gerontology, and Palliative Care 

  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Chair in Geriatric Medicine 
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Program Endowment in Geriatric Medicine 

Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s & Neurodegenerative Diseases 

  • Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio Dist. Chair in Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Diseases  
  • Bartell and Mollie Zachry Endowment for Alzheimer Research and Patient Care  
  • Berneice Castella Dist. University Chair for Alzheimer Disease Research 
  • Carmen Ruiz Lopez Memorial Endowment for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases 
  • Frances Yost, RN Endowment for Excellence in Dementia Research 
  • Glenn and Ann Biggs Endowed Chair in Alzheimer Patient Care  
  • Greehey Family Foundation President's Dist. University Chair for Research in Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Diseases  
  • Keith M. Orme and Pat Vigeon Orme Endowed Chair in Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Disease Research  
  • Klesse Foundation Dist. Chair in Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Disease 
  • Patricia Ruth Frederick Dist. Chair for Precision Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases  
  • Robert R. Barker Dist. University Chair for the Director  
  • The Giuffrida - Gallaway Endowed Scholarship Fund 
  • The Maj. Gen. (Usa Ret.) Joe and Patty Robles Professorship in Parkinson's Disease Research 
  • The USAA Foundation President's Dist. University Chair in Neurosciences  
  • Valero Endowment for Caregiver Programs in Alzheimer, Dementia, and Neurodegenerative Diseases  
  • Valero Endowment for Patient Care in Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Diseases  
  • William Castella Dist. University Chair for Alzheimer Disease Research  
  • Zachry Foundation Dist. Chair for Alzheimer Research and Patient Care  

Graduate Medical Education (GME)  

  • Lois L. Bready, MD Endowed Professorship 

Greehey Children’s Center Research Institute 


  • A.B. Alexander Dist. Chair in Oncology 
  • Bowman-Frost Endowment Fund for Oncology Research 
  • Daisy M. Skinner President’s Chair in Cancer Immunology Research 
  • David H. Boldt, MD Fellowship in Hematology/Oncology 
  • Dielmann Chair in Oncology 
  • Endowment for the Advancement of Hematology 
  • Harold F. and Sara L. McDonald Endowment for Excellence in Oncology 
  • Hector Martinez Memorial Fund in Hematology 
  • J. C. & Irene H. Heyser Myeloma Endowment 

Institute for Health Promotion Research 

  • Dielmann Chair in Health Disparities Research and Community Outreach 

Medical Dean’s Office 

  • Col. Janice A Mendelson, MD Endowment for Program Development in Medical Education
  • Edna Smith Dielmann Dist. University Chair 
  • Endowment Program for Research and Training 
  • Holman Cartwright Medical School Endowment 
  • James J. Young, Ph.D. End. Chair for Excellence in Medical Education 
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long President’s Dist. Chair for the Dean 
  • John P. Howe, III, MD Dist. Chair in Health Policy 
  • Leonard D. Ormsby Medical Schools’ Endowment Fund 
  • Leone Family Endowment for Cancer Research 
  • Long President’s Dist. Chair 
  • Paul C. and Lenore C. Weinberg Memorial Endowment 


  • Bernard and Audre Rapoport Endowment for Education and Research in Medicine
  • Dielmann Distinguished Chair in Aging 
  • Dr. F. Carter Pannill, Jr. Professorship in Internal Medicine 
  • Edward B. Lewinn, MD Memorial Chair 
  • Frederic C. Bartter, MD Memorial Fund
  • Joaquin G. Cigarroa, Jr., MD Lectureship Series
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Chair in Medicine
  • L. David Hillis, MD Endowed Chair in Medicine
  • Marvin Forland, MD, MACP, Endowed Chair in Medicine
  • O. Roger Hollan, MD Professorship in Internal Medicine 
  • President’s Council/Dielmann Chair in Medical Research 
  • Ray A. & Robert L. Kroc Visiting Scientist & Lectureship Program
  • Reuben Jacobs Chair in Internal Medicine 
  • Ross J. Sibert Research Fund Distinguished Chair 
  • The Dan F. Parman Distinguished Chair in Medicine 
  • School of Medicine Dist. Chair in Aging Research 

Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics 

  • Bernard and Vera Fein Endowment 
  • Conklyn Family Endowment in Autoimmune Research 
  • Doctors Irving and Joan Ratner Endowment 
  • Zachry Foundation Dist. Chair in Microbiology and Immunology 

Military Health Institute 

  • USAA Patty and Joe Robles, Jr. Dist. Chair for Military Health 
  • USAA Patty and Joe Robles, Jr. Endowment in Military Health 
  • The Maj. Gen. (USA Ret.) Joe and Patty Robles Chair in Military Health Research

Molecular Medicine 

  • Alice P. McDermott President’s Distinguished University Chair in Molecular Medicine
  • Zachry Distinguished Chair in Molecular Medicine 



  • David Gordon Sherman, MD Endowed Lecture Series in Neurosciences
  • John H. Doran, MD, FACP Endowed Chair in Peripheral Neuropath 
  • President's Endowment Fund in Congenital Neurosciences 


  • Carl Raba Family Chair in Neuro-oncology 

Obstetrics and Gynecology 

  • Carl J. Pauerstein Professorship in Reproductive Research 
  • Frank Harrison Chair in Reproductive Endocrinology 
  • H. Frank Connally, Jr. Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology 
  • Hambrock-McGanity Awards in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Jane and Roland Blumberg Professorship in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • John W. Boldt, MD Endowed Chair Fund in Gynecological Surgery
  • Joseph Seitchik Chair in Reproductive Genetics 
  • Peter W. Nathanielsz, MD, PhD, ScD Endowed Professorship Fund
  • Robert W. Huff, MD Endowed Chair in Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • The Humana Foundation Dist. Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • Alfred A. Nisbet Resident Education Endowment 
  • Amor B. and Loddie L. Whitehead Fellowship Fund in Ophthalmic Research
  • Charles and Ellen Leone Education Endowment in Ophthalmology 
  • Charles J. & Lillian S. Senderoff Professorship in Vision Science
  • Clara R. Brundage Professorship in Retina Degeneration Research 
  • Dr. J. Alexander Van Heuven & Dr. Wichard A.J. Van Heuven Endowed Dist. Professorship
  • Endowed Lions Sight Research Foundation Dist. University Professorship in Ophthalmic Pathology
  • Evelyn Knott Woolley Ophthalmology Research Endowment Fund 
  • George W. Weinstein, MD Memorial Fund in Ophthalmology
  • Herbert F. Mueller Chair in Ophthalmology 
  • Kenneth L. Piest, MD Scholars Fund in Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Leonard & Shirley Sterling Endowment for Biochemistry Research
  • Lions Low Vision Rehabilitation Center Endowment 
  • Madge J. Breslof Endowment for Research in Ophthalmology 
  • Mary Bass Boenker Scholars Fund 
  • McLean Family Endowment for Ophthalmology Resident Education & Research
  • Nancy Smith Hurd Endowed Chair for Low Vision Research 
  • Nancy Turner McCoy Chair in Ophthalmology 
  • Ophthalmology Alumni Resident Education Endowment 
  • Orville E. Gordon Endowment for Ophthalmology 
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology Endowment 
  • Ruth M. Glickman Memorial Research Endowment Fund 
  • Stanley I. Glickman Chair 
  • The Bajandas Memorial Lectureship Program 
  • Thomas F. Hogan, Jr., Chair in Comp. Ophthalmology and Ethics
  • Thomas J. Tredici, MD, USAF, Medical Corp (Retired) Endowment for Resident Education


  • Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., MD Chair in Orthopaedics 
  • Erwin Orthopaedic Sarcoma Research Endowment in Honor of Dr. Rajiv Rajani 
  • Frances and Blackstone Dilworth Professorship in Orthopaedic Oncology 
  • Fred G. Corley, MD Chair in Orthopaedics 
  • Jesse DeLee, MD Dist. University Chair in Orthopaedics 
  • John J. Hinchey, MD & Kathryn Hinchey Chair in Orthopaedics 
  • Laura B. Flawn, MD Dist. Professorship in Diseases of the Spine & Spine Trauma 
  • Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM Endowed Program Fund in Podiatry 
  • Lee J. Sanders Professorship in Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention 
  • Louis T. Bogy, DPM Professorship in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery 
  • Philip A. Deffer, Sr., MD Lecture Series 
  • President's Council/Dielmann Chair in Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery 
  • Rockwood Endowed Orthopaedic Lecture Series 


  • Betty Ammerman Endowment in Deaf Education & Hearing Science 
  • Brian N. Sheth Dist. Chair for Voice and Airway Disorders 
  • Deaf Education and Hearing Science Endowed Chair 
  • Dr. & Mrs. T. J. Walthall Endowment in Otolaryngology 
  • Harriet and J. David Oppenheimer Endowed Professorship in Deaf Education and Hearing Science 
  • Holt Endowed Lecture Series in Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery 
  • John H. and Dela White Endowment in Deaf Education and Hearing Science 
  • Randall A. Otto, MD Master Educator in Otolaryngology Dist. Lectureship 
  • Thomas Walthall Folbre, MD Endowed Chair in Otolaryngology 

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 

  • Carl A. Kline, MD Endowment in Pathology 
  • Frank M. Townsend Chair 


  • Dr. Colette M. Kohler Endowed Professorship in Pediatric Cardiology 
  • Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy Endowment in Neonatology 
  • Greehey Children & Family Support Endowment for Children with Complex Chronic Conditions 
  • Greehey Dist. Chair in Palliative Care for Children 
  • Greehey Dist. Chair in Pediatric Oncology 
  • Greehey Dist. University Chair for Cancer Survivorship of Children 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Neonatology Research 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Pediatric Cardiology 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Pediatric Endocrinology 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Pediatric Epilepsy and Movement Disorders 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Pediatric Gastroenterology 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Pediatric Neurology 
  • Greehey Pediatric Fellowship in Hematology Oncology 
  • Maurice A. & Anne Bray Miller Memorial Fund  
  • Miss Eloise Alexander Chair in Pediatric Pulmonary & Critical Care 
  • Miss Eloise Alexander Chair in Pediatric Pulmonary Diagnostics & Evaluation 
  • Miss Eloise Alexander Dist. Professor in Pediatric Asthma Research 
  • Stephanie Edlund Dist. Professorship in Pediatric Cancer Research 
  • Sudden Infant Death Research Fund 
  • The Maj. Gen. (USA Ret.) Joe and Patty Robles Endowment for Pediatric Cancer Research 
  • William & Rita Head Dist. Chair Developmental & Environmental Neonatology 


  • A.B. Alexander Dist. Professorship in Cancer Research 
  • Dr. Maharaj Ticku Professorship 
  • Greehey Dist. Chair in Targeted Molecular Therapeutics 
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Chair in Pharmacology 
  • Mariann Blum Memorial Lectureship in Neuroscience 
  • Quincy and Estine Lee Endowment 
  • Robert A. Welch Dist. University Chair in Chemistry 
  • William Thomas Booth Memorial Endowment Fund 

Population Health Sciences 

  • Edwin B Hibbs, Jr., MD, PhD and Elva A. Hibbs, MA Endowment  
  • Henry B. Dielmann Dist. University Chair 

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences 

  • Aaron & Bobbie Elliott Krus Endowed Chair in Psychiatry 
  • Dielmann Dist. Professorship for Advanced Methods in Psychiatric Research 
  • Dielmann Dist. Chair in Psychiatry 
  • Dielmann Chair of Genetic and Environmental Risk 
  • Dr. Robert L. and Mrs. Willena L. Leon Endowment in Psychiatry 
  • Ellie Rucker Clinical Psychology Professorship in Psychotherapy Training 
  • Henry B. Dielmann Chair 
  • Hugo A. Auler Professorship of Psychiatry 
  • Julia H. & Vann Buren Parr Professorship 
  • Madalene Cain Freedom Youth Project Fund 
  • Margot Zuelzer, PhD Endowment in Psychiatry and Psychology for Residents, Research, and Education
  • Mary Avis Weir Chair in the Department of Psychiatry 
  • Mary Avis Weir Dist. Lecture Series Jungian Psychiatry 
  • Meadows/SA Area Foundation (Semp Russ) Research Professorship in Child Psychiatry 
  • Nancy Ullman Karren Chair in Psychiatry 
  • START Center Genetic Research Professorship 
  • START Center Medication Research Professorship 
  • William and Marguerite Wurzbach Dist. Professorship 

Pulmonary Diseases & Critical Care Medicine 

Radiation Oncology 

  • Greehey Dist. Chair in Pediatric Hematologic Malignancies 


  • Dielmann Chair in Radiology 
  • Dr. Beth A. Goins Endowment Fund for Academic Trainee Success 
  • Julio C. Palmaz, MD Endowment for Excellence in Radiology 
  • Malcom Jones, MD Chair in Radiology 
  • Stewart R. Reuter, MD Chair in Radiology 

Rehabilitation Medicine 

  • Arthur E. Grant, MD Lectureship Series 
  • Jane Cheever Powell and Thomas Levin Powell, Jr. Chair for the Dept. of Rehab Medicine 
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Dist. Chair 
  • Warm Springs & Dr. Arthur Grant Dist. Professorship in Rehab Medicine 

Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology 

Sam and Ann Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies 

  • Bartell Zachry Memorial Dist. Professorship for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases 
  • Elsie Minifie, PhD Excellence Endowment in Aging Studies 
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Dist. Chair in Metabolic Biology 
  • Methodist Hospital Foundation Chair in Aging Studies and Research 
  • Robert L. and Jo Nell U. Bailey Endowment for Alzheimer’s Disease Discovery 
  • Sam Barshop Memorial Endowment for Research in Aging 
  • The Sam and Ann Barshop Endowed Chair in Clinical and Translation Research 
  • The Ewing Halsell Foundation Dist. Chair in Aging Research 


  • Betty & Bob Kelso Dist. Chair in Burn and Trauma Surgery
  • Dale H. Dorn Chair in Surgery
  • Dielmann Chair in Surgery
  • Arthur Storer McFee Memorial Fund
  • Dr. Arthur S. & Iris G. McFee Professorship in Surgery
  • Dr. Ferdinand P. Herff Chair in Surgery
  • Dr. Witten B. Russ Chair in Surgery
  • J. B. Aust, MD, PhD Chair in Surgery
  • Stewart M. and Hugh M. Johnson Endowment for Excellence in Surgical Innovation
  • Jocelyn and Joe Straus Endowed Chair in Trauma Research
  • Raul Ramos, MD Professorship in Colon Cancer Research
  • Root Endowed Lecture Series in Trauma & Critical Care
  • Waid Rogers, M.D., PhD. Endowment in Surgery

Malú and Carlos Alvarez Center for Transplantation, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Innovation

  • Carlos and Malú Alvarez Dist. University Chair in Pediatric Transplant Surgery
  • Clifton and Jessie Neal Coonrod Endowment
  • Dielmann Chair in Transplant Sciences
  • Emeterio and Teresa Flores Family Endowment
  • Glenn Halff, MD Endowed Professorship in Transplantation
  • Joan Wish Endowed Professorship in Transplant Surgery
  • Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long President’s Dist. Chair in Hepatology
  • John D. and Deborah Heritage Endowed Award for Excellence in Transplantation
  • Robert Oliver Pediatric Transplant Program Endowment
  • Special Friends of the Transplant Center
  • Valero President's Dist. Chair in Transplantation

Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)  


  • Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Dist. University Chair in Urology 
  • Greehey Family Foundation Chair in Pediatric Urology 
  • Hans H. Scharringhausen Professorship in Urology 
  • Henry B. and Edna Smith Dielmann Memorial Chair in Urologic Science 
  • Karen and Ronald Herrmann Endowment for Trainee Research, Education, and Training in Urology 
  • President's Council Endowed Professorship in Urology Research 
  • Stanley and Sandra Rosenberg Endowment in Urologic Research 
  • Thomas P. Ball, M.D. Residency Education Endowment
  • Walsdorf Family Professorship in Urology

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