An endowment is a permanent gift to the University. The endowment corpus holds your entire gift in a perpetual fund which grows forever in its ability to contribute to the University and your area of interest, as specified in the endowment agreement. Endowment gifts allow both the corpus – your original gift – and the income the corpus generates – to grow.

What level of gift is required to establish an Endowment?

Endowments may be cash gifts, pledged gifts, planned gifts or combination “blended” gifts. A minimum gift of $10,000 establishes an Endowment at the Health Science Center. Endowed faculty positions begin at $100,000.

Faculty Endowments

Gift Level

President’s Distinguished University Chair $3 Million
Distinguished University Chair $2 Million
Distinguished Chair $1 Million
Chair $500,000
Distinguished Professorship $250,000
Professorship $100,000
Fellowship $50,000

Scholarship Endowments


Gift Level

Presidential Scholarship $50,000
General Scholarship $10,000


You may take up to five years to fund an endowment pledge. For example, an endowment at the $10,000 level may be created in installments of $2,000 per year for 5 years.

We can assist in discussing gift options that best accomplish your personal goals, contact the Interim Director of Gift Planning Jennifer Clark or call 210-567-6536 for more information.

How does an Endowment work?

Endowments are a key way Universities support their mission. Endowments can be used to enhance student curriculum, fund equipment needs, or support faculty leadership of an important new program or scientific study.

An endowment can support a stellar faculty member, allowing them to devote more time to areas of excellence in which they have superior expertise, from teaching, to research to highly specialized care. Endowments can provide support for an ongoing program or specific area of research, or support implementation of a new initiative.

Donors can identify areas of their unique interest and designate their endowment to support a specific area in our education, research, care, or community missions.

Endowments also can be named to recognize the donor, to honor a special area of interest, or to celebrate a loved one, a mentor, a colleague or a treasured friend.

Each year, the University provides the donor with a report of progress for the endowment purpose.

Endowments may be designated to a particular school, institute, center, or program or to support the President’s Excellence Endowment Fund. For more information about how to designate your endowment or for help with the wording, contact Jennifer Clark or call 210-567-6536.

What are the tax benefits of Endowments and other gifts to the Health Science Center?

Endowment gifts are fully tax deductible but the specific tax and financial benefits a donor receives from their gift vary according to the type of asset you give and how you transfer your gift to the Health Science Center. You may be able to receive federal or state income tax benefits, avoid or reduce capital gains tax liability and qualify for estate or gift tax deductions. Donors are encouraged to discuss their plans with a trusted financial advisor or attorney to ensure maximum tax benefit for your personal circumstances.

Why are Endowments important?

An endowment is a permanent gift that provides one of the most secure sources of future revenue for this University to have cutting-edge research and vital support for students, faculty and programs.

Endowments are the most lasting way a donor can give. They forever benefit the missions of a university and ensure excellence in perpetuity. Endowments can be established to support student scholarships, recruit and retain distinguished faculty, provide lectureships, or enhance a world class research laboratory.

Strong endowments make great universities.

How is The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio funded?

  • In 2006, only 5% of our budget was supported by philanthropy. Our Health Science Center receives less than 28% of its annual budget from state provided funding.

  • Approximately 30% of our Health Science Center budget comes from the highly competitive federal funding through the National Institutes of Health, a declining source of support.

  • Tuition for the Health Science Center generates only 4% of total university revenue. Unlike academic universities, health institutions have smaller enrollments and thus much smaller tuition revenue.

  • Clinical revenues account for almost 28% of our budget. The health professionals at our University are highly accomplished. They contribute just under $100 million each year in uncompensated care for the medically indigent. It is the doctors, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals of the Health Science Center that provide the health care safety net for the communities of South Texas, including children, families and highly complex care for special needs. They are also a source of referral for community practitioners in the treatment of highly complex care.

Why do state universities need Endowments?

To be great, we must compete. To compete we must do more than sustain.

No university, private or public, can succeed without endowments. They are the essential “capital” of success in the world of an academic University Health Science Center.

Our Health Science Center receives less than 22% of its annual budget from state provided funding.

Endowments enhance any University’s effectiveness in competing for world class scientists, the best students, the most accomplished faculty and the most outstanding clinicians.

Endowments complement other revenue sources such as state or federal funding, tuition, or clinical revenue.

Endowments will help our Health Science Center build the finest programs in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, aging, neurosciences, women’s health, infectious diseases, oral health, regenerative medicine, transplantation, and more.

How is my Endowment gift managed?

The University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) manages our Health Science Center Endowment Fund. Please contact Jennifer Clark in the Office of Institutional Advancement for more information or visit UTIMCO at www.UTIMCO.org.


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