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Dr. Marion Primomo was a skilled and respected clinician, teacher, and scholar who joined the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio in 1986.  Upon her death in 2014, family, friends and former colleagues recall the instrumental role she played by her legacy of providing compassionate palliative care to many patients in San Antonio.  She modeled and taught palliative care to many generations of medical students, residents, fellows, and peers. Dr. Primomo was a dedicated and caring mentor who used every opportunity to share her values with each of her protégés. 

Widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of palliative medicine, Dr. Primomo was an inspiration to many aspiring physicians and taught them to be skillfully compassionate with their patients and their family members.  Upon her many accomplishments, one she was most proud of was her role in the establishment of the first Hospice in San Antonio.

To celebrate the life and memory of Dr. Primomo, The Marion Primomo, MD Memorial Endowment in Palliative Care in the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics has been established to perpetuate the work of Dr. Primomo. 

We ask for your support of this important endowment which will not only honor the memory of Dr. Primomo, but also provide funds to provide physicians and other health professionals programs that are concentrated in the art of compassionate and patient-centered palliative care.  Additionally, this endowment will continue to enrich the educational opportunities available for students in the area of palliative care so that their future patients will benefit from improved care now and in the future.

To mark this occasion, Sandra Bertman, PhD, FT, a leading thanatologist known for using the arts and humanities to promote death education for medical personnel and the general public, has been invited to the Health Science Center campus to give a special lecture on Tuesday, October 6.  

Synthesizing arts, literature, spiritual values, and cultural beliefs, Dr. Bertman’s expertise is cultivating the therapeutic imaginations of clinicians. For most of her career, Bertman was Professor of Humanities in Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Graduate School of Nursing, where she founded and directed the Program of Medical Humanities and Arts in Healthcare. 

Your support today provides improved care and hope tomorrow.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kent Hamilton, Senior Director of Planned Giving and Gift Administration and Alumni, at (210) 567-5001.

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