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Veritas Specialty Survey
This survey was developed by three current fourth-year medical students. Their goal is to create a guide to help current and future medical students select a specialty that best fits their goals, personalities and lifestyle. The honest feedback received from our UT Health San Antonio School of Medicine alumni, fellows and residents will help ensure the guides authenticity.

Thank you for taking the time to help future health care professionals.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Which level of training do you identify with?
2 * Which specialty are you currently in?
(Optional) For current fellow and attending physicians, what did you specialize in?
3 * Currently, if you had to pick the top 3 qualities of your specialty, which ones would you pick?

4 * Currently, if you had to choose your 3 least favorite qualities about your specialty, which ones would you pick?

5 * If you had to describe the personality type of the people in your field, what are the top three words that come to mind?
6 * On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your financial compensation?
(Optional) If you feel comfortable, input your yearly salary.
7 * Are you currently working in a private practice or academic setting?
8 * If you had to break down your time between outpatient and inpatient services, what would you break it down to?
9 * How much of your day is spent on the following?
Patient Interaction
Administration Duties (Ex. Notes)
Procedures (includes outpatient, bedside and operative room time)
We asked you earlier to rank your top and least favorite qualities of your specialty. However, we wanted to give you the chance with these last two questions to give us more information about your specialty that we may have not asked about in the survey.
10 * This is your chance to sell your specialty to medical students! Please list a minimum of 3 positive aspects to your specialty. (Maximum: 10)
11 * However, it is not possible for every specialty to be perfect. List a minimum of 3 negatives about your specialty. This will help students rule out a specialty that may not be a good fit. (Maximum: 10)
* Age:
* Gender:
* Race:

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