Mays Cancer Center Board of Governors

The Board of Governors for the Mays Cancer Center is a group of dedicated individuals from San Antonio and South Texas who devote their time, talent and resources to promote the mission of the Cancer Center through philanthropy, community outreach and education, and public relations. These individuals are truly the community ambassadors for the Cancer Center.

Jamie Kowalski– Board Chair

Christine D. Alderete
Wayne S. Alexander
Bradford D. Beldon
Donna M. Block
James C. Browning
Pamela Burdick
Tony R. Cain
Dya C. Campos
Honorable Mary Alice Cisneros
Elizabeth D. Conklyn
Richard C. Dietz
Teresa Edlund
Jim G. Egbert
Michelle Engler
Cheryl Ernst
Thomas M. Evans
Brian Feld
Kelley L. Frost
Adrianne N. Frost
Karen L. Heintz

Karen H. Herrmann
Clarence J. Kahlig
Laurie A. Kaplan
Margie Klesse
Marie Mays
Joe C. McKinney
Mark M. Meador
Gregory E. Muenster
Gela G. Olsen
Virginia Peacock
Emilie S. Petty
Leonel A. Rodriguez
Robert A. Rosenthal
Dianna A. Roy
Barry L. Rupert
Cynthia Schluter
Cynthia D. Schneider
Jennifer C. Shemwell
Christopher Sherman

Lifetime Members

Ernesto Ancira
Rose Marie Banack
Michael D. Beldon
J. M. Belz
Michael L. Birnbaum
Stanley L. Blend
Mary B. Brook
Charles E. Cantu
Jean M. Cheever
Graciela A. Cigarroa
Lisa H. Cohick
Lynn F. Crystal
Arthur R. Emerson
Steven W. Garza
Roxana C. Hayne
Christine L. Haynes
Patricia Hayes
Roger R. Hemminghaus
Janet Holliday
Kathryn M. Johnson
Andreae LeMaistre

Louise A. Mandel
Thomas M. McNish
Yona McNish
Balous T. Miller
Karen N. Mueller
Kathryn E. Musgrave
Margie K. O'Krent
Sam K. O'Krent
Judith P. Palans
Camilla M. Parker
Jane C. Powell
Karen Presley
Carl F. Raba, Jr.
Thomas R. Ransdell
Jane R. Satel
Lisa M. Sechler
Stephen D. Seidel
Mary West Traylor
Mark E. Watson
Mark H. Wright

Chair Emeritus

Louise D. Beldon
Bruce Bugg
James W. Callaway
Barbara B. Dreeben

Patrick B. Frost
Charles M. Wender
Gary Woods
Karen Lee Zachry

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