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Support students enrolled in the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Program who have the desire to practice as a nurse practitioner upon graduation.  Scholarships shall be awarded at a minimum of $1,000 per student.  (NS)

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By establishing this endowment in 2011, Mr. Reed honors the memory of his wife, Patricia “Patti”, who last worked as a research nurse, working hand in hand with researchers at the University of Texas Medical Center Houston in the hope of finding treatments/cures for cancer.  Patti first earned a diploma at St. John’s School of Nursing in Tulsa and a Bachelors of Science from Texas Woman’s University.  She was a loving mother, sister, wife and friend who always made you laugh and feel at ease in her presence.  At various times, Patti worked in pediatrics, schools of nursing and community nursing sites where she raised hundreds of gallons of blood by organizing volunteers. 

Through this endowment, Mr. Reed also honors the entire family of dedicated nurses who he has the pleasure to be associated with.  His mother, Wanda E. Reed, Patricia’s mother, Jane June Miller, and Patricia’s brother and sister, Warren “Butch” Miller and Lois A. Miller Cole.  All of these nurses were the epitome of nursing.  This endowment will celebrate their passion for the field of nursing and honor their commitment to education. 

Wanda Oliver Reed was born and raised in Kansas, Attended the Wichita Hospital School of Nursing and graduated in 1941.  She immediately married and did not return to nursing until 1958 when she eventually became a Public Health Nurse for the Model City Program.  She loved the work because she was able to educate people in the areas of child care, feeding and rearing, education, family  planning, health issues, family dynamics and economics.  She felt that her daily touch with both the African American and Hispanic community was a vital service to her country.  Her clients loved her and offered many degrees of thanks.  Her husband, Jess Reed, was trained as a medic for the Army during 1942 but served in Leavenworth, KS as a barber.

Jane June Miller was educated at Allegheny Valley Hospital in Tarentum, PA.  She secretly married while in school and was kicked out before completion because married women could “obviously not be good students.”  Now a mother with a three year old, she was divorced by her returning WWII pilot captain.  She met the love of her life (Warren Miller) in 1944 on a troop train after her rejection.  In 1945, after her sailor boy returned from the Pacific, he eventually took her to West Texas where she raised Patti, Lois Ann and Butch.  She completed a LVN diploma program and became the night nursing supervisor for the Stamford hospital where she was called on for any and all duties including baby delivery and immediate care of accident victims.

W.E. “Butch” Miller started his collegiate education at the University of Texas but soon decided that his path lay in a different route.  A 6’-4” bear of a guy, he was an instant hit with kids.  Affectionate, jovial and almost carefree, the kids swarmed him as he took care of mentally disturbed children at the Austin State Hospital.  As Director of Recreational Therapy, he started a summer program and would take loads of these children to offsite areas where they could learn to play and just be kids like he was.  Butch died in 1978 after a two year bout with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  A monument to him stands on the hospital grounds.

Lois Ann Miller Cole attended Hendrick Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Abilene, Texas until she married in 1967 and was required to drop out of school, as students were “still” not allowed to marry while in school.  For the next three years, while her husband completed college, Lois worked in OB, Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric nursing in the capacity of an undergraduate RN.  Lois returned to nursing school in Houston, Texas and graduated in 1972 with a diploma of nursing from Hermann Hospital School of Nursing and worked in Medical ICU in the Texas Medical Center until 1979 when she moved to San Antonio.  In 1990, Lois learned that the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio  School of Nursing offered an Early Master’s program and by 1995 she attained a life goal; her BSN and MSN.  For the next 15 years, Lois’ nursing career was focused in nursing education and encompassed teaching community health nursing, nursing research, and the role of Coordinator of Community Partnerships (Community Liaison) for the School of Nursing.

Through Lois’ role as an educator, a community health advocate, and the clinical liaison, she was a vital piece of the UTHSCSA infrastructure.  As the only Community Liaison for the School of Nursing, many undergraduate students never worked directly with Lois, but each day she ensured the education experience they received in the community was effective, meaningful, and seamless.   In addition to coordinating undergraduate clinical rotations, Lois spent much of her time working with graduate students to identify placements that met their specific learning needs.  She worked across the state in matching our students with clinical sites and took pride in the experiences they received.  Lois retired from the School of Nursing in March 2010 to spend time with her family and friends, but the legacy she provided us is immeasurable.

Both Patti and Ronald wanted to provide the educational institution that brought Lois so many wonderful memories and opportunities with the gift of education to the future nurse practitioner graduates that will make a lasting impact on the lives of many; just as Lois did.  

Benefactor: Ronald J. Reed

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